A Training Course on English Communication Skills Development is Successfully Concluded

On April 4th, a training course for the University’s students was successfully concluded. The course was run in cooperation with the Office of President Assistant for Graduate Affairs and the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) of the Public Relations Department at An-Najah. The training focused on breaking the language barrier that the students have towards English through working in groups and assigning tasks among them.

The students were also trained on the different fields in which they desire to work based on the experience they gained through their university study. The trainees were taught how to write their CVs, different types of correspondences that would enhance their job seeking, as well as how to behave in interviews. The students were given directions and advise regarding interviews; several model interviews were performed that simulated real life interviews in order to prepare the students to react properly to such situations.

Principal trainer in the course was Alessandra Bajec who trained the students on several categories of skills using English as the language for instruction and interaction between the students and the trainer. Bajec said the course targeted the students who are expected to graduate this year and concentrated on developing their competency and prepare them to enter the work field. Among the skills that the course aimed to develop was self-awareness, building self-confidence, group work, professional planning…etc.

The course contributed significantly to the development of the students’ skills in a number of scientific fields and was fundamentally based on ensuring the students’ effective participation in interaction using English which resulted in a noticeable progress in the trainees’ performance in communication, writing and conversation. Bajec also mentioned that the course has fulfilled its anticipated goals with respect to reinforcing the students’ self-confidence, developing their English skills and teaching them some basic directions that would help them greatly in the work field.

Laila Balatiya said the course has helped her stand in front of her peers and confidently speak out in English; it also encouraged her to apply for interviews after graduation since she believed that the course has equipped her with additional skills required to pass any interview successfully.

More than 25 students participated in the training course which was organized as part of a series of training courses by the Office of the University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs and the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) to develop the students’ skills in English besides other skills needed to perform properly and effectively in the work field.  


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