The students from An-Najah University have sent comments after the videoconference. Take a look!

Bonjour à tous,

Mes amis et moi sommes contents, parceque nous sommes étudiants palestiniens et quand nous voyons des étudiants dans tout le monde demander qu'est-ce qui se passe en Palestine, nous sommmes moins seuls dans cette occupation.

Nous vous remercions tous, et nous éspérons faire plus de choses dans plusieurs domaine.

Ghadir Ismail

Massa Rayyan


 Hi ..

I'm was really interesting to share that video conference ...I felt that there is still hope ...and we can change something in our lives and to let people know what is really going on in our land and i hope that we will keep in touch to share ideas and together we will change this world for better ... to let everyone live in peace .....So let us hold our hands together.... work harder and for sure we will change many things for better ...thank you for sharing us our case....

Muna Aghbar


Hi ...I'm yasmeen it was really great video conference ...I wanted to talk in this conference but unfortunately I couldn't get the chance ...but I hope that I will do next times ...we have talked about our situation here but we still have a lot of things to say more and more ... i would like to say thank you for this great conference and I hope to do that again and again..And we are really happy to feel that all of you supporting u and us do really understand what we are going through.... thank you again and let us keep working together....

Yasmeen Shabban


My name is Aida, one of the students who attended the video conference, and had the chance to talk about my suffering during the very long and miserable curfew on my city Nablus. The idea of holding such conferences between us and students from western universities was such a great and intelligent one especially under our situation of the siege around the Palestinian territories, and so the many difficulties our volunteers face during their way .It was almost successful, I think that next time results will be more better. Hope to have the chance for more conferences with different universities, to achieve the best results of understanding.
Thank you.


I think that videoconference is a very important step in deeping the soul of communication among people all over the world. As Palestinians we are always looking for such videoconference to draw the attention of the world to the humiliation, fierce practices that Israeli soldiers represented by their successive governments are practicing against Palestinian people. Moreover, such video conferences could cast the light on the gross violation s of human rights and international convictions that Israeli government has committed and still committing.

I think that video conference was successful, effective and meaningful because it covered al the issues we as Palestinian (occupied , humiliated , slained )people like to highlight .

Last but not least , I hope such vide conferences will continue to cover different regions of different countries of different social classes .

Your faithfully
Mohammad Sholi


Iam Mira Nabulsi I participated in the video conference I was very pleased with it specially that now I know that there are many people who care about our cause and really want to know the truth about what is going on . I am now interested in knowing more about students in louvan uni. And I'll be glad to help them in knowing much more about Palestine and the Palestinian situation .In fact I was a little surprised with their positive reactions and very happy about their bravness of showing what they really feel….
This is my e-mail to connect me you can send me any information and questions that you want:


When we shout it seems that even our scream has no echo . I was really excited to have such an understandable people like you who respond to our call and being ready to listen to our suffering
Thanks for your cooperation and hope we can meet again one day in green Palestine.
With my best regards
Karam Halawah


Hi I'm Yusra jamous one of the students who shared in the videoconference that was held last Tuesday, My major is computer science/programming.

I want to thank all the students who shared in these event from your side cause this shoes me that there still some people who are interested in knowing the truth or how the other conflict side(the Palestinians) think & behave in this conflict .
I was surprised & upset when I saw the little number of students who are interested in knowing more about us & who care as u told us that your university one of two major universities but Alaa told us that the camera couldn't cover your Number.
Mmm I know that this e-mail can't really show or hold my thoughts about the conference so I want to be close more to your thoughts & to be in touch with you all to discuss more & more & to exchange thoughts.



Bonjour .
Comment allez - vous ?

Je suis tres tres contente car le v.c a ete tres tres formidable ,
et selon moi , j'aime exchanger les idees et opiniones exactement sur les situations et les conditions ici en Palestine.
Et je suis tres heureaux .
C'est tres tres bien comme la premier etape .
Enfin , j'espere que vous avez interssantes comme nous .

A bien tot
Jasmine shahrour ……

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