The students from Louvain University have sent comments after the videoconference. Take a look!

My name is Eva and I attended the videoconference. It took me at least half an hour to realize that the people I saw many times on TV were now talking directly to me. For once, I could know their worries about what we think here about Palestine. Many questions and comments came to my mind hours after the end of the conference. As long as I was watching the big screen showing the room in Nablus full of students, I was overwhelmed by emotion and a feeling of powerlessness in front of an objectively unjust situation. I felt moved, I couldn't think, I did not know what to say…


Hello everyone! It was a great chance for me to talk to you all during the visioconference. I have learned a lot and I hope it will continue that way. We do report to the people around us how was the conference and what was said. Media is one thing, but the best is definitly to discuss with people living in Palestine. I really hope we will keep in touch and maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to come and see with my own eyes what is happening.

Hello everyone, bonjour à tous, Salam,

I wanted to say to all of you that it has been a great pleasure being able to talk to you. Thank you for your participation. It was a great opportunity to listen to your effective situation as a comparison to what the media here says or better, does not say …
I really hope that we will be able to keep in touch to continue sharing information, thoughts and beliefs.

A bientôt,

Sébastian Trenner

Dear all,
My name is Carmen Camacho, and I would like to thank you all for sharing your experiences and feelings with us. It is true that we are not there to perfectly understand and feel your situation, that papers do not publish in big letters the news concerning Palestine every day... However, you must know that there are people, concerned with your problem(s), that try to get information, to get involved somehow. If you feel that it can help, you could elaborate projects to propose here at the University, so that the students' effort will be worth. We will do our best to to help you.

Carmen Camacho

Hi everybody!
The videoconference was very instructive for me.
I was deeply touched by your daily sufferings.
The conflict that I was simply aware of, suddenly became concrete.
I keep thinking to what you said and I shared these feelings with my family
and some friends during the days that followed the conference.

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