Zajel Organizes a Lecture on Amazighs Heritage and History


  On Thursday, September 10, 2015 the Youth Exchange Programme (Zajel) at An-Najah held a lecture to introduce the students to the rich history and culture of the Amazighs.

  The lecture was given by Zajel volunteer Kahina Su Miw who talked about the geographical distribution of Amazighs in Africa and their three thousand-year rooting history in addition to some prominent Amazighs figures such as Tariq Bn Ziyad and Zein Eddine Zidane. She also presented on the Amazighs’ dialects, calendar, food, handicrafts, clothing and their national and religious celebrations.

  The lecture also included a discussion of the challenges that encounter the Amazighs nationalism.


- Amazighs are an ethnic group indigenous to North Africa. They are distributed in an area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Siwa Oasis in Egypt, and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Niger River.


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