Zajel Youth Exchange Programme Concludes Two Training Workshops


  An-Najah’s International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) has recently concluded two training workshops in Verbal Interaction and Job interviews in English by the American trainer Veronica Gardner. The workshops introduced the students to proper speaking skills, using appropriate terminologies and idioms in context, reinforcing self-confidence and influential abilities, preparing for job interviews and composing CVs.

  Both workshops mainly aimed at preparing graduates for job interviews and enhancing their public speaking skills. The workshops also focused on developing the trainee's abilities in using English by using simulations of scenarios.

A Faculty of Engineering student made a speech on how beneficial the workshop was on his self-confidence. He added that the program alerted him to small but effective actions that are used in job interviews such as body language, facial expressions and iceberg-breaking skills.

  Trainer Veronica Gardner spoke of the significance of the conversation course which acquainted the trainees with self-evaluation, defining weaknesses and strength points and determining their future ambitions.


-The conversation course included a practical training of using certain terms to describe charts and diagrams and composing stories. The program also focused on improving communication skills and discussing cultural clashes.
- More than forty students joined the above mentioned programs.


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