A Training Workshop on Mental Map Skills is Organized at the University


  The International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) ad the Office of the President Assistant for Graduate Affairs at An-Najah organized a training workshop on the skills of the mental map which was administered by Dr. Muhammad Bsharat, Director of Al-Muhtaref Center for Human Development and Creative Media.

  The 3-hour workshop aimed to introduce the concept of “Mental Map” and the unlimited remembering power. The students were educated on the importance of the mental map, the ways to enhance the remembering power, recognize the stored data, how to use the mental map in studying and reading as it works on connecting the data in the books using drawings and words in the form of a map.

The mental map is a technique that helps arrange the ideas, speed up learning and the recall of information. The students were trained on the most significant practices related to the mental map skills being a very easy and effective method to help in memorizing and recalling information.

Dr. Bsharat holds a PhD degree in Human and Administrative Development from Victor Phil University, and a Master degree in Human Development, in addition to two BA certificates. He is also an accredited trainer in self development at Irada Center for Human Development in Ramallah-Palestine, trainer in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and founder and president of Al-Muhtaref Center for Human Development and Creative Media.


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