Presentation Organized at An-Najah about the International Social Service Organization


  The International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) and the Office of the University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs at An-Najah organized a presentation about the International Social Service Organization, the international partner of Zajel.

  The Presentation which was delivered by Mrs. Lukin Holman, Coordinator of the Organization in the Netherlands, aimed to familiarize the audience with the Organization and its role in providing international volunteers to work in the different parts of the world. It also aims to introduce the students with volunteering opportunities that help them build up their experience and communication skills with other people from various cultural backgrounds.

Mrs. Holman spoke about the role of the Organization in reinforcing sustainable development and social justice, and providing training opportunities for volunteers who wish to join its annual programs. She also described the Organizationís role in supporting people in regions where conflicts occur, in addition to networking with activists who believe in the importance of volunteering and its role in reinforcing peopleís sense of belonging.

Moreover, Mrs. Holman explained the mechanism through which students can join the international events that the Organization holds, the requirements, and the means through which they can communicate with the Organizationís branches and partners regarding volunteering affairs.

The International Social Service Organization was established in 1991 and works to reinforce the culture of volunteering on a global scale and organize volunteering events and projects all over the globe. The Organization has more than 40 different branches around the world through which it provides individuals with short, medium and long volunteering opportunities.


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