A Training Course on the Development of Communication Skills in English is Successfully Concluded


  On May 16th, as part of the University’s efforts to develop the skills of its students in English, a training course on the development of communication skills in English was successfully concluded. The course was administered by the Irish trainer Hilary Minch from the World Council of Churches in which more than 15 students participated.

  The 10-hour course focused on training the students on English learning skills and featured both theoretical and practical training whereby the students were taught on how to speak publicly in English. Minch helped the students and provided assistance whenever necessary and encouraged them to overcome their fear of English and hesitation to speak out in this language.

Student Aseel Shayeb from the Faculty of Pharmacy said the course was very helpful to her and her colleagues since it guided them on how to develop their experience and skills in English. She added that the course gave the students a chance to speak about some major issues and ideas in English including Global Warming, the Palestinian Cause and others.

The course was part of a series of similar courses and training workshops intended to develop and sharpen the University students’ skills in various fields so as to facilitate their integration into the work field in the future. The International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) and the Office of the University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs work together to offer the students a wide spectrum of training opportunities that would contribute to their success in the future career.

Intensive series of training course are scheduled to be launched soon after the final exams of the current academic semester finish. The Zajel Exchange Program organizes a two-week international voluntary camp in which international volunteers from all over the world participate and provide training in a variety of subjects including: Social Media, English Conversation Skills, Discourse Skills in English, Communication Skills, Building Competency, Experience Development, International Law and Human Rights.


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