A Training Course on Developing English Communication Skills is Successfully Concluded


  On March 23rd, a training course on developing communication skills in English was successfully concluded at the University. The course targeted students expected to graduate from the various faculties of the University and were trained on how to manage communication using English and how to develop such skills.

  The 18-hour course was administered by the American trainer, Joseph Hanania, who introduced the students to the different language skills, the various means to learn English, how to use it in communication, and other issues. The trainer depended on encouraging the students to take advantage of the lingual knowledge they gained over the years of their university study. Hanania is a skilled trainer who has numerous experiences in the fields of analysis, qualitative performance, scientific research, evaluation and management.

The training course was organized as part of a series of courses that are being organized by the Office of the University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs and the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) for the purpose of developing the studentsí skills and experience with respect to communication in English.

Professor Jawad Fatayer, University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs, said that the studentsí behavioral and personal competency is tested when they join the work field. Students face many challenges that the modern world of today imposes on them such as the necessity to be competent in effective communication, lingual skills, public speaking skills, and others. He also said he was able to sense the studentsí interest in participating in such course and that they were concerned with developing their personal skills.

Additionally, Mr. Alaa Abu Dheer, Coordinator of the International Youth Exchange Program, said the fact that many students were interested in joining such courses has made us determined to organize more training courses for them. He added that these courses aim not only to develop the studentsí lingual skills, but also helps them develop their personalities, self-confidence and expand their knowledge regarding other cultures.


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