The Office of An-Najah University’s President Assistant for Graduate Affairs Holds a Preparatory Meeting for Graduates Titled “The Future of Palestine”


  In cooperation with the Office of An-Najah University President Assistant for Strategic and International Affairs and the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel), the Office of An-Najah University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs organized a workshop titled “The Future of Palestine” at the Korean-Palestinian IT Institute of Excellence, New Campus.

  Attendees included Professor Jawad Fatayer, President Assistant for Graduate Affairs at An-Najah, and three international volunteers: Michelle Munjanattu and Quinn Coffey from the United States and Ingvild Skogvold from the Netherlands; university students also attended the event.

At the opening of the workshop Professor Fatayer delivered a speech in which he welcomed the graduates and hoped they would benefit from the meeting as it sheds light on the most prominent issues that a graduate encounters immediately after graduation. The workshop aimed to help the graduates reach the best solutions that would enable them to avoid any problems that they might run into, saving more time and effort and preparing them for the work field.

At the same time, Professor Fatayer pointed out that a graduate must go beyond the classical way of thinking and to take his mentality and thoughts further towards new dimensions that are not limited by anything. This would help the graduates to level up their academic and professional performance.

  In the context of the workshop, Suhair Saleh, Secretary of the University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs, delivered a presentation about the English competency development workshops that were implemented during the current semester. She pointed out that more than 20 workshops were organized in which more than 300 students participated. Additionally, she described the workshops that will be organized by the Office over the coming semester.

The American volunteer Munjanattu spoke about the importance of having the student deliver and present his/her experience and personal information in a distinguished and scientific manner. She also said that presentations represent a good chance for the students to present their ideas and creativity especially in the field of work; such presentations are excellent tools that help the students convince others and reflect their self-confidence.

Coffey explained the mechanism used for introducing one’s self during job interviews and how to get prepared for it especially if the interview is conducted in English. The student who is going in for an interview must also possess enough background information about the institution, company or organization to which he/she is applying.

Skogvold spoke about the modern methods in learning languages especially English such as through movies, music, reading books, novels, as well as communicating with others through modern communication means as the internet.

The International volunteers who participated in the meeting are currently working on holding a series of workshops and courses in the field of teaching English to the University’s students.


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