Zajel International Exchange Program Inaugurates Training in English Communication Skills


  On January 2nd, the Zajel International Youth Exchange Program, based at the University’s Public Relations Department, inaugurated a training course on English communication skills.

  The course targets University students who aim to develop their linguistic and cultural communication skills. The four-month course is run by several international volunteers who will be responsible for training 30 students.

  Professor Jawad Fatayer, University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs, gave a lecture on the importance of learning English, and emphasized its role in developing cultural and academic abilities. The skills gained, he said, will enable the students to strengthen their confidence in English, and increase their chances to find better work opportunities and obtain scholarships.

  Professor Fatayer also spoke about his personal experience when he learned English while he was in the United States, and described the linguistic barriers that most foreign students encounter while pursuing their education. Ala Abu Dheer, Coordinator of the Zajel Exchange Program, underlined how important such courses are to the students in helping them to improve their English skills and overcome their fears in communicating the language.

  With the help of international volunteers, students can learn English in a better way by taking in the language from native speakers. Students will also have the chance to become familiar with other cultures and people, and enhance their knowledge of other countries. International volunteers, on their part, expressed their interest in teaching to the Palestinian students the different skills and techniques of English communication so they can become competent in their future career.


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