The International Youth Exchange Program Zajel Organizes a Training Course on Discourse Skills


  On August 26th 2010, the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) of the Public Relations Department at the University in cooperation with the World Council of Churches (WCC) organized a training course on discourse skills in which more than 40 students from the different departments at the University participated. The course will continue for the whole first semester of 2010-2011 in which students will be trained on discourse skills and techniques in English in addition to training on techniques and mechanisms necessary to deliver successful discourse, effective lectures and presentations.

  Students participating in the course reported that such course is of great importance and usefulness because of the variety of topics it offers to them. One of those students, Hadeel Saleem, said "This course represents a good opportunity for me to overcome my fears and build self-confidence that would enable me to stand and speak in front of an audience. It also sharpens my skills and experience in English and will shape my personality so as to be prepared to involve in the work field in the future".

  Other students reported that this course will enable them to overcome communication problems and will sharpen their social skills. It will also help them achieve better experience in English and to become able to express ideas and communicate with others effectively in English.

  Trainers, Oliver and Ribika from the WCC, said that it is very important for university students to master discourse skills and to work on sharpening their skills in order to become effective social members. Being equipped with such capabilities, students will be able to deliver public speeches successfully and thus conveying their message effectively to the audience. This course is among a series of training courses that Zajel is organizing which aim to develop the students' skills in the different fields of life.


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