An-Najah Concludes its International Voluntary Camp


  An-Najah concluded its "International Voluntary Camp" organized by Zajel Youth Exchange Program of the Public Relations Department. The voluntary camp continued for three weeks with the participation of about 20 international volunteers from different countries. The concluding ceremony was held at Zafer Al Masri Auditoriums at the Old Campus. It included poetry recitation and photography show of the camp's activities.

  The international camp activities' included daily voluntary work activities, cultural activities, and field visits to Palestinian cities. The international volunteers were accompanied by local volunteers of the University students' and the Community Development Center at Askar New Camp in Nablus.
Workshops on intellectual and cultural exchanges and humanitarian and academic issues were organized to introduce international volunteers to different social, cultural, and national issues related to the Palestinian identity and traditions.

  During the camp, a lecture was organized on the Palestinian Red Cross Society, focusing on its efforts to serve Palestinians. Field trips were organized to the Old City of Nablus, the Samaritan Village in Nablus, and Balata Refugee Camp. The volunteers organized a cultural day called "Global Village," where each volunteer presented a show on his/ her country, showing its culture, history, heritage, and music.

  Mr. Saed Abu Hijleh, Lecturer at the Geography Department at An-Najah, gave a lecture on Palestinian History. Mr. Ala' Abu Duhaer, Acting Director of the Public Relations Department, said that the camp comes as part of the University's ongoing efforts to enhance cultural and academic life at An-Najah through interactions with various cultures.


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