Zajel Youth Exchange Program of the Public Relations Department concluded its training course in English for students of the University. The course contained 18 hours of training over one month. The trainer is one of Zajel`s American volunteers, Mr. Jed Ober. He conducted classes that focused on conversation, using different methods that encouraged students to break the psychological borders between themselves and language.

A gathering was prepared by the students for this occasion. Mr. Ala Yousef, the Coordinator of Zajel, gave a word in which he spoke about the importance of English for Palestinians, who must dedicate more of their efforts to the media sphere that requires a good command of the English language. Such skills are needed to tell the Palestinian story of the conflict. He also added that we have to learn English in order to address the nations that donít have a good understanding of the Palestinians and their struggle.

Mr. Ober thanked the students who were responsible and dedicated their free time for the course.  He said that he also learned from them as he taught them. He spoke about Zajel Youth Exchange Program and its potential, giving students and volunteers a window to express them, improve their skills, and develop a better understanding of other cultures.

Awni Abu Zanet, the coordinator of the course, said that such a course contributes to the empowerment of student's performance in the English language. This will facilitate a more productive interaction with the international students and volunteers who come to Palestine.

Faten Mashaqi, one of the programís students, thanked all of those who helped organize the course, and said that she could now narrow the gap between herself and the English language. This will also lead to her obtaining better opportunities when applying for jobs in the future, Faten added.

Dr. Nabil Alawi, Director of the Public Relations Department, said that the University welcomes the international volunteers, who contribute to education by training students in English skills. He saluted Mr. Ober by granting him the University plaque


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