The Workshop on Public Speaking and Communication Skills is Successfully Concluded


 February 21st. In cooperation between the Office of the University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs and the University-based International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) of the Public Relations Department, the workshop on public speaking and communication skills which was organized earlier was successfully concluded.

 The two-month workshop provided training for 35 students through the interactive training approach whereby students were engaged in interactions with the four trainers from the United Kingdom, United States and Germany.


 Students were trained on a number of skills that were taught collectively during the workshop, such as public speaking and communication skills; students were asked to prepare presentations about different topics including the conditions of life that the Palestinians encounter, cultural disputes between different people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds, environmental issues such as solid waste treatment and recycling, communication skills and others.

British trainer, Anna Feri, from the World Council of Churches said that the students have learned to express their ambitions, ideas and hope without fear or hesitation; the ultimate goal of the whole workshop was to enable the students to become competent English speakers. Students on their part said they were impressed by the interactive training approach which motivated them to speak for themselves and communicate with each other in English.

 Professor Jawad Fatayer, University President Assistant for Graduate Affairs, said the workshop is an indication of the efforts the University is exerting to develop its graduates’ competency and competitiveness in the work field. He also encouraged other students to take part in the upcoming workshops which will be announced during the current academic semester. Professor Fatayer also informed that the workshop was designed to help improve the personal skills and competency of the students which will in turn help them play an effective role in the real life.

 Mr. Abu Dheer said that more workshops and training courses will be launched and run over the period of the academic year that will aim to train the students on the different language skills which will enhance their chances of getting a job and increase their marketability.

 By joining these workshops, students are able not only to learn new skills, but also to become familiar with the different cultures of the world through interacting with international trainers and volunteers from various countries across the globe. The student-centered approach around which the training was established helped the students to engage in interactive discussions and conduct research and presentation by themselves.

 At the end of the ceremony certificates of appreciation were presented to the students by trainer Feri, Mr. Rafe’ Daraghmeh, Director of An-Najah Alumni Association, as well as Mr. Alaa Abu Dheer, Coordinator of the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel).


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