Reflections of the Local Volunteers


Akram Dwikat/ Engineering Faculty    

Participating in the International Zajel Summer Camp (The Future Is in Our Hands) was a great experience. I've learnt time management, how to deal with difficult circumstances and coexist with different cultures. Through this camp we were able to convey a humanitarian message in which we have drawn a smile on children faces, who never gave up despite the entire hard situation they been through. I've realized the importance of voluntary work and its role in the development of society. We also have got the chance to identify Palestinian reality in a more perspective way. I would like to thank Zajel Program and all those in charge for giving me this chance. I also wish all the best for Zajel and one day the Palestinian dream will be achieved.

Nice! That time brought us together in a Program like Zajel, as new and fresh ideas in the Harrison of ambition are opened for us. I've gained a lot through my participation in this camp's activities. Enhancing my bond with my own homeland comes at the top. I didn't get enough of what I had, and I still want more out of knowledge. I was surprised and happy at the same time of the interaction between the internationals and kids from Askar refugee camp. I would like to thank Zajel for everything and for increasing the friends of Palestine.                                                      

Rana Hanbali/ Engineering Faculty 

Participating in the international summer camp is a life changing experience for me; it has changed my perspective of my future. I made up my mind after the camp that the Palestinian case will be an essential part of my life.                                                    

My participation in this camp gave me the opportunity to meet people from different cultures around the world. The surprising thing is that I got the opportunity to see my culture in a new perspective.

Imad Asalweh/ Economic Faculty

It's difficult to describe my feelings towards the internationals in a couple of lines. How would I describe my presence at Al-Ibrahimi Mosque & the Old City of Hebron, and how will I describe what I come to know about the refugee circumstances. Zajel camp has strengthened my faith, cooperative work, exchanging experience, and the importance of dialogue. It has changed many aspects of my personality such as my ability to get involved in aimed conversation, especially in English which I used to face many difficulties before my participation. I have also learnt respecting rules, laws and listening to others advises.                                                       


Noor Hanbali/ English Literature Department

 Two weeks of hard working, two weeks of cooperation and two weeks of creating my second new family.  It was not my first time and will not be the last. The experience I have earned in two weeks equals an experience of two years in life. It taught me how to deal with people and gave me the opportunity to make a change in children's life. Working as a volunteer raised the idea of giving without waiting an immediate response because at the end we're waiting them to grow up to see our impact upon them. This experience wasn't just educational for the internationals; it was educational for me as well. I'm proud to be part of Zajel and that Zajel is part of my life.                                                                          

Ammar Haj Hamad / Engineering Faculty

The activity that mostly got my attention in the International Voluntary Work Camp called "Introduction to your own country", as the field trips that we made around were my first, like the one to the Samaritans Mountain, where the world smallest sect lives, and the Turkish bath in the Old City of Nablus. I didn't realize its cultural value and the reaction & curiosity of the internationals to know all about its history.                                                                         


Farah Khayyat/ Engineering Faculty

I'm proud to say this is my second time at Zajel camp, considering my last participation, I figured that every camp is a different experience despite the similarity of aims & visions. This camp gave me the chance to interact with kids. I gained many friends and got the opportunity to meet new cultures. I think this is a great method to spread and send our message as Palestinians.                                                                           

Qussay Judeh / Information Technology Faculty

This Summer Camp wasn't all about having fun and enjoying our time. It was also about many aims. I was able to shape my personality and my own identity through this unique experience which I hope to do again in the future.   


The highest aim about our job was working with the kids at Askar Refugees Camp. It's true that sometimes it was exhausting, but it was great at the same time. Seeing the smile drawn on the children faces is one of the most beautiful and satisfying feelings. After I lay my head on my pillow at night, after a hard work day, I see that I played a social humanitarian role.                               

Muhannad Kharraz/ Engineering Faculty

Zajel provided me with a new vision of present that we live in and highlighted many informational aspects hidden from us. This was my first participation in a summer camp and with Zajel as well. I made new friendships with the local and international volunteers. We shared moments of happiness and pain, meeting, saying goodbye, relaxing and many other moments; no matter what time passes, they won't be gone.

Zajel gave me the opportunity to visit many Palestinian cities, which I have never been to. Through Zajel and Zajel's aims, we were able to spread awareness about the Palestinian cause.                                                                               

Muath Surakje / Fine Arts Faculty

Through this camp, I managed to shape my own personality in many different ways as I dealt with different people, ages, religions and nationalities. I have learnt how to be flexible, diplomatic, and able to welcome new ideas. I have also learnt how to be committed to dates, and handle pressure. The experience enhanced my English.

We participated in many activities, voluntary work, lectures and tours around Palestine. I hope, one day, I can be an ambassador for peace holding my own Palestinian cause and kufiyya as others did.