Reflections and Feedback from the University students

Ahmed Al-Bass: Media and Journalism Faculty

The workshops were very useful because Iím a media student. It was helpful as we received 12 hour training in total; the interview training particularly was the most helpful and helped me gain a new experience.

Mohammed Abridi: Science Faculty-Physics

The workshops benefited me in conversation and communication skills. I enjoyed them because I made new friends and learnt English idioms and how to write a CV. I really enjoyed the games we played, they were useful.

Ola Odeh: Engineering Faculty

I enjoyed the workshops very much. I learned new words and how to make conversation, which two things I am very interested in are.

Nawal Odeh: Engineering Faculty

I learned how to be confident when I speak English and also learnt new vocabulary. Before I used to make mistakes but I now learnt that itís okay to make mistakes and not to be afraid.

Thana Maríi: Engineering Faculty

My workshop was really amazing I learned how to speak better English in front of people and now I am confident in using and speaking English.

Ahmed Haj-Ali: Administration Faculty

These classes in communication skills were very good. From these I gained new skills that will aid in my field of specialization that is marketing. I really liked my teacher I felt that they were very good.

Mohammed Abed-Alhaleem: Business Admin Faculty

In my workshop I learned how to prepare a CV, conduct an interview and meet any one and speak to them in public. I found that the workshops empower the personality and increase ones knowledge in many areas.

Abdel-Kadir Yousef: Mechanical Engineering Department

The workshop was an enjoyable experience. I was able to gain the competency to give presentation in English. I particularly enjoyed the interview exercise. If the workshops continue it will be very beneficial for the students.

Noor Shoobaki: Medical Faculty

I attended two workshops; the advanced English skills and the workshop for Media and Journalism skills. So in these workshops I had the perfect and new opportunity to practice my speaking-Which in my opinion is the most useful practice.  Media for me was a new subject but it helped me see the connection between Medicine and Media, which I found very exciting. This wonít be the only experience I will attend, for me English is everything. It helps us face our struggles, learn from other cultures and know the facts.

Iyad Tammam- Faculty of Economic & Administration Science
 Today was the last day of competency & communication skills workshop, the 6 days was completely awesome. The time passed quickly. The love between trainers was growing day after day, until the last day. All of us were sad today, but that thing is not very bad ... I know it is something hard to gain again, but I would still love to hope meet all of them again.
Thanks from my heart for all without exception.