Student Reflections

The reflections of the students who attended the training workshops of the “Defy the Present” exchange program from 02-16 August 2015.

Mahera Ahmed
I took the yoga class, which was a fascinating workshop in the broadest sense of the word. It taught us how to control our emotions rather than simply our muscles. The class encouraged me to learn more about this amazing kind of meditation. I encourage everyone to learn yoga because it gives our personalities the strength of "self control".

Ahmad Taha
It was amazing to meet and talk with people from across the world and dispel many common stereotypes that they had about Palestine and that we also had about them.
We learned many things about different cultures that will help us to be able to better interact with people from different backgrounds, thanks to the Zajel programme at An-Najah National University.

Shahtha Basheer
Our trainer provided us with a practical and interactive side to our lessons, teaching us in a modern way. Through the workshops we were trained on how to act confidently in job interviews.

Laila Surakji
This camp was both useful and amusing. We really had fun learning new languages and I got to know several of the international volunteers, who worked very hard to provide the us with an interactive and entertaining set of workshops.
The local volunteers have worked so hard and carried out the camp in a very professional manner.

Dana Marmash
Through the careers workshop I learned how to build a CV and motivational letter suitable for job applications both in Palestine and across the world. In addition to this, the lessons focused on speaking and presentation skills so that by the end of the two-week workshops many of us felt more confident when using English in professional situations.

Afnan Shatat
I found the camp incredibly interesting and hope for many more to be organised in the future. Personally I think that one of the best things about the camp is learning the English language from native speakers in order to help perfect the students’ accents and develop our conversational skills.