Reflections of the Children of New Askar Refugee Camp


Reham Jabji: 9 years old

I loved this camp because I found entertainment & education at the same time. Moreover, I learnt how to cooperate with others; I liked all the classes and corners especially painting, dabka, handcrafts and languages. At the end of this camp, I was able to learn English in a very interesting way. My dream is to be an Astronaut. So I would like to thank all international volunteers for coming and helping us.


Mou'yad Salah: 13 years old

I loved the summer camp because it allows the smile to enter to our hearts. We played, had fun, and enjoyed it all the time. The camp gave me the chance to practice dabka which was one of my wishes, and I liked it a lot. I enjoyed drawing and music as well as handcrafts corner, I liked Ivana a lot. I would like to end my words by thanking the international volunteers for their sympathy. My dream is that the children of Palestine will live a happy life with their freedom, a life without violence.                                               

Mohammed Sabha: 9 years old

This is the first summer camp I attend; I enjoyed my participation very much. We have played with friends; I liked theater, dabka, football and handcrafts. I was very pleased to join this camp; I loved all the international volunteers. In fact my dream is to become a doctor to treat patients and alleviate their suffering.


Mou'ad Abu Bishara: 13 years old

I learned new things and enjoyed my time. I also loved theater corner because it relies on intelligence. In addition to that, I learned English in a very interesting way and painting with decoration. I liked talking to international volunteers especially Cecile, the French girl, because she was interacting with others & helping us. I would like to advice all children to participate in the summer camp because they will learn a lot, and the camp will help them to develop their ideas.


Rawan Abu kishk: 12 years old

I practiced many of my hobbies in this summer camp. I loved all the volunteers.  If this camp hasn't been held, I would have spent my time in my house. I enjoyed theater corner because it reflects on our suffering and reality. I also liked dabka a lot because it transferred our heritage outside Palestine. I hope to continue the communication between us and all international volunteers. Finally, I wish they will reflect the right and the real image to the whole world



Amneh Abu Zeid: 11 years old

I loved all the corners especially dabka and theater. I was impressed by all the international volunteers because they have come to Palestine for helping us. I'd like to thank them all very much because they came to see the reality in Askar refugee camp. I hope the camp will be held every year in order to spread tolerance around the world.                                  



Reem Shalabi: 12 years old

The most beautiful thing that I had learned in this camp is the voluntary work of community and helping each others. I really enjoyed it a lot. I loved all the international & local volunteers because they have been cooperative with us. I just want to say to the whole world that we the refugees- will not give up our lands.                                                     

Wa'ad Al Rifa'e: 11 years old

I learned painting and dabka during this camp. It was great. I have benefited greatly especially on how to use the internet. I liked all the international volunteers because they were treating us gently and kindly. My dream is to become a doctor because this is the appropriate choice to support people and assist them.                              


Kholoud Karm: 13 years old

I loved all the international and local volunteers; during my participation in this summer camp, I have learned lots of things like dabka, handcrafts and computer. I was impressed by many international volunteers because the purpose of their participant is to come and see the reality, and they were happy to support us. My dream is to become a lawyer because I feel injustice and wish to defend the oppressed. I really would like to thank all internationals who brought the joy to our hearts. Finally I'm waiting the announcement of the summer camp for the next year.

Alaa Al-Ashkar: 12 years

I hope that this summer camp will never end. I loved all the corners especially acting and playing piano. I enjoyed the camp very much because it allowed us to exercise all the hobbies; I was impressed by all the volunteers and the way they treated us; in fact the smile was drawn on their faces all the time, I liked Marie very much.


Mo'tassem Aljbjee: 13 years

I loved all the corners especially playing football. I enjoyed the theater because I felt I was free to act what I want because it is the best way to express the reality that we live. I was impressed by all the international volunteers, especially Summya the Turkish girl. She chooses special needs corner. I'm very happy to be part of this camp. I would like to thank all those who supported us.      



Ali Hajjaj: 13 years old

Games, painting, languages and theater are what I learned during my participation in this camp. It was not my first time and it will not be the last. Holding educational summer camps helps to keep children away from streets. I wish for the children the best in life, away from occupation to live a happy safe life.


Hamza Qatanani: 14 years old

Since the opening of the Community Development Center in the new Askar Refugee Camp, I joined all the camps and I was one of the first participants. Honestly, I am waiting for the announcement of the next year camp with great patience. I loved all the international volunteers because they are cooperative, and would like to thank them all for their participation in these summer camps. We wouldn't have had any other means of entertainment and learning in the summer's vacation. Again, thanks to all the volunteers for drawing a smile on our faces and in our hearts.