University Students Reflections (Steps workshops)                 

The Camp's Workshops enabled the international volunteers to share and empower local students' skills in furthering the Palestinian cause themselves. Students were able to enhance their knowledge and expand their experience in various fields including: public speaking skills, conversational English, team building, time management, debating skills and social media. Having local students involved in such activities contributes to the development of their personalities and potentials, thus transforming them into active contributors to the development of their society.  


Thaer (English Department):

I really enjoyed this camp because it taught me a lot. Also, all the members were cooperative and they gave us many useful things which we need in our life. These workshops taught us how to manage our time, how to do tasks as a team, as well as, how to debate and discuss things with others. These skills gave me a great experience. I hope that these workshops would be held every year. Thanks a lot to the internationals and a big thanks to all the coordinators in the Zajel program.                                                                   


Hanan (Faculty of Engineering):

These workshops were really useful for us as students. For me, it improved my personality and gave me self-confidence. The activities weren’t just for fun; they helped us learn new and different things. I really appreciate this and I am very thankful for the Zajel's efforts.                                                             

Sana’ (Faculty of Law):

At first, I didn’t know anything about Zajel and its activities but when I read about it, I was really impressed by the hard work and great efforts that the members of Zajel exert; I’m going to tell my friends about Zajel and will encourage them to join it. We had amazing activities and events, I felt very happy for being part of these workshops. I hope that such events would continue in the future.


Yasmin (Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences):

 Let me first give a big thanks to the Public Relation Department and all the international volunteers for offering us this great opportunity. It was a great workshop; we have benefited and learned a lot from this event. My participation in the camp enabled me to improve my English. We met new people and were introduced to different cultures of the world. The activities in which we participated were really useful and through them we learned how to manage our time and how to work as a team.

Hala (Faculty of Science):                               

I had so much fun! I enjoyed the team building and the public speaking exercises. Brandon, one of the international volunteers, was a very nice person and taught us a lot about debating skills and how they affect our personality. I also really enjoyed the time management activities because they taught me how to be more organized and to put everything in its place. The activities were magnificent and we all had a great time. I hope I will be invited to participate next year. Thanks to all those who volunteered at Zajel.


Ali (Faculty of Information Technology):

I really enjoyed this program which gave me self confidence and improved my language skills. I got the chance to learn about different aspects of social life of different people. It was a great opportunity to meet with people from different cultures and to have them here in Palestine. I hope that I would be able to be part of the camps next summer as an organizer.     

Omar (Faculty  of Optometry):

First of all, I would like to thank the Zajel team, and to express my deep appreciations for the trainers who made great efforts to help the students. It was a great idea for me to attend these workshops because I gained a lot of experiences and skills; it was very useful. I hope to participate in similar events next year.  

Fida’ (English Literature):                                 1                              

These workshops were really useful. We learned a lot of skills in English language, particularly conversation. I liked Joe and Jouana because they are specialists in public speech which is a skill I need to communicate with others. I liked discussing issues in English. I also met new people and learned new things about them which was a great experience.                      

Tamara (Faculty of Fine Arts):                                       1                   

It was a great participation for me because I had the chance to meet new people from different cultures and spend time with them; we had a lot of fun. We enjoyed the way they taught us; it was really nice. Big thanks to all of the Zajel volunteers for their hard work because we were able to practice our English language which most of the students have difficulties with.       



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