Zajel Concludes its International Skill Development Training Camp 2016

On Monday, July 25th, 2016, the International Youth Exchange Programme (Zajel) of the Public Relations Department at An-Najah concluded the activities of its International Skill Development Training Camp for the year.

The camp aimed at reinforcing communication among the university students and their counterparts in international universities and offering them training programmes to develop their skills and competencies.

The camp was over 15 days and included international volunteers from the U.S, Canada, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the U.K, Spain, Italy and France who come from different international universities such as Boston University, Massachusetts, New York, Alberta, the Sapienza University of Rome, Valencia, Warwick and California State University.

The camp’s workshops mainly shed light on entrepreneurship, management, competency development, English and Spanish languages skills, public speaking, conversation and tourism investment.

The camp also included a series of cultural meetings to introduce the international volunteers to Palestine’s culture, traditions and cities.

Student Farah Al-Shayeb said that the workshops allowed the students to work in groups and enhance their English skills.

In the same context, student Baha’ Joudeh talked about his experience as the camp allowed him to learn about cultural diversity and similarities. He also said that the programme allowed the volunteers to exchange their cultures not only with Palestinian students but also with each other.