Suzana/ Italy

 I am very happy to write my impressions about the work camp. This is my first work camp, I have chosen Palestine, because I want to know the life of this country and I think that my knowledge of Arabic will be somehow useful. Now the camp is almost finished and I am realizing that we learned a lot of things that we did not expect or imagine.

Anyway, I discovered that I charged this experience with many expectations that do not fit with the reality of the life in the West Bank.

I realized all these things just during the camp in Nablus, where I heard the shooting and saw the tanks under our windows. Then, I started to think about the impossibility of doing programs and respected it.  Everyone has to work just to survive, day after day, with the invasion of your city every night.  Living with the random shootings that can reach your window and the following day, not being able to buy food for your family.

I really loved people in Palestine, it is amazing how life can continue in this permanent state of war, going to the market, laughing, marrying and having sons (not less than five), rebuilding houses and cities devastated by the Israeli army and being so hospitable with foreigners.

 I worked for a small time with children in the Askar camp, it was amazing, but they were not so used to staying for a long time in a classroom.  Sometimes, they do not understand our behaviors, even if there is someone who can translate.

 So they make a lot of noise. They try to convince the teacher to change the game with another they like more. They discuss and also hit the other children in order to play with us first.  

Anyway, there are very curious, interested in new things and I hope to come back to the center in Askar camp to see them and perhaps, also to work with them.

 I saw and heard in Palestine things that I will not forget. Destroyed houses and families that still live in them. Photos of children, sixteen years old, that killed themselves, thinking that it is a better destiny. Instead of the day after day war they face normally, random shootings in the streets, a tank destroying everything on the board of the street, ten people living in two rooms in a refugee camp. So, even if Palestinians are so friendly with us and with any foreigners, they can never forget the tragedy that they are living in and that is always present in every word they say.

 I think that it has been good idea to know this country and to meet people of my age more easily. I really liked the life of the group.  I was so happy that I had a chance to be here and to share this experience with you all. I wish that I could come back again.