I want to thank you a lot for everything. Also, for the 3 weeks I spent here. Here, I found many things. Beautiful land, very kind people and great children. I'm very sorry, because I worked here in the Askar refugee camp only for one week.  I really wish I can work here more, because I found that working with children taught me many things.  When I visited the house where i spend my last three nights in, the lady there gave me some plants. They are wonderful green plants, so if any one in Italy tries to speak about the Palestinians as terrorists, I will show them these green plants, which only reflect the Palestinians’ peaceful minds.  


I have to  say thank you for everything, especially for your hospitality.  I know  that it is not easy to live  together, because we are use to living in a very  different  culture.  But,  because you were great, we faced  all the problems and we made  it.  The camp was great,  so thank you again.



Mitchell Oh/USA

“I Have Re-evaluated My Entire Life.”

 Our trip through the streets of this refugee camp is one I know I won’t forget anytime in my life.  The injustice brought upon these people is unbearable to see and it has to be so much more painful to experience. Just walking around, speaking to the elders and examining their homes makes me feel so sad. I don’t quite know what to say, because there is too much emotion that cannot be exactly expressed in my words. I think more people need to see this part of Palestine. More people need to experience just 10 minutes through these streets, I can’t even begin to imagine living there for fifty-five years. Fifty-five years without any proper treatment and without a proper life, it is just too much. We met a very old lady, over one hundred years old, that still holds on to the contracts issued to her before she was deported in 1948. She was rich back then, but even after all that was taken away, she still thanks her God that she is alive. I think today, in the past hour, I have re-evaluated my entire life, a family of twelve can live on 20 shekels a day (five dollars), when I spent the other day, twenty shekels on my meal in Israel. Just unbelievable, to say the very least.