Impressions of the Refugee Children of the Refugee of New Camp of Askar


After three weeks of volunteering at the New Refugee Camp of Askar, The international volunteers of the workcamp did there best to encourage the refugee children to smile and to play. Read below some impressions of the kids of the refugee camp of Askar.



Hadi Madani

6 years old.

I come to the camp in order to play and enjoy myself. I listen to music too. I do enjoy being at the center and spend more time there than at home. I got bored from staying at home. We even have bicycle at home but I donít like to play with it there. I don't sleep if there is no summer camp. I like to do karate. I liked the drama, music and sports corners of the workcamp.



Ala Sayegh

7 years old

I do like to play and learn in the camp. The camp takes me away from the streets. I donít like to stay at home without doing anything, sometimes I play with my brothers and sisters. I stay at home and watch TV when there is no camp. I donít want to see the campís end. I will miss the painting and playing in the center. I will miss my friends, especially the new friends I met at the center.


Raja Abu Saed

10 years.

I like to be one of the children who come to the center in order to play with the international volunteers. It is lots of fun. They teach us music. The camp is beautiful with the internationals. I do like to help my mum at home but I also like to come to the camp. I got sad when they announce that the camp ends. I wish the camp to continue because we learn a lot. I will miss my friends at the camp. I will miss Ursella very much. I like her. I will miss the painting classes and the sports matches. I liked the camp because it shows the internationals that we like to live our lives as normal as possible.


Shifa Altak

11 years.

I like the camp because they train us in many skills. The director of the center, Amjad is so kind with us, he offers us whatever we want. He always teaches us tolerance. I like to be in the center because I get bored at home. I like to help the children in the center. I will miss Amjad at the end of the camp. I liked the games, spots, arts, music, Dabka and paintings. I like to play with my friends in the center because we donít have space to play in the refugee camp streets.


Amer ALosh

11 years.

The international volunteers play with us at the center as well as the local volunteers from the university. I like Ria, Elina and Alesandro. I like them because they come from far away to help us and to play with us. They do their best to make us happy. They teach us new and interesting games. There are games that we did not know before. We will be sad when they will leave. I like the center more than my house, because we only stay at home and my mum does not allow me to get out in the afternoon. I wish I can meet the international volunteers after the camp ends. I like Hester because she taught me many new games. I like Elina who taught us painting. She always helps me and gives me good ideas in paintings and makes fun.


Narmein Faor

9 years.

I like to come to the camp because they taught us many good things. I like the international volunteers who were making fun when we are depressed. They have their own way in making fun. I like the center and its atmosphere. I will miss the international volunteers.


Asma Naqib

14 years.

We spend our free time at the center. I like the international volunteers because they like Palestine and its people. They have a good point of view towards Palestine. They want it to be free. They even want to come again next year. They cheer us up. I like Elina the most, I consider her my friend. I like the local volunteers who help us in translation. They want us to be happy. They encourage me to like them even though they are different. They are not selfish and do whatever makes us happy. We are sad right now because the workcamp ends.


Isra Naqib

10 years.

I devote much time here in the center because I enjoy being here. I like the international volunteers because they want to help us to be free. They offer us whatever we want. I like Anahei, Jeniver and Naoumi. I feel that the international volunteers would like to learn Arabic from us. They treat us very well and they take photos of us. I pray for god not to end the workcamp. I wish I can come once again next year in order to learn music, painting, drama, Dabka and counseling. The center helps us to have better communication and better interaction with others.


Said Tantawi

11 year.

I like the trips organized by the center. I like them because the volunteers are so enthusiastic. They taught us football and made fun and entertained us. I like Sindy. I like learning painting and playing sports as well as playing in the garden. I admire the efforts of the internationals who painted the walls of the refugee camp. They painted nice pictures. I donít like to see the camp ends. It is the only one in our refugee camp.


Murad Alhabet

11 years.

The entertainment at the center attracted me. The painting is fun. The international volunteers helped us improve our talents and habits. I am working with my father as plumber, but I also come to the center. Children were shy when they first met the internationals. Then they became friends with them. Cindy and Jeniver as well as Elina played with us a lot. They are so sweet. I wish we have swimming pool at the center. I also wish learn French and English. I also wish we can learn computers. I am getting bored from staying at home. The TV is boring. The center is always full of life and internationals. I like the brave internationals like Sindy, who came to Palestine to support us.


I liked Dabka the most as well as the theatre and the library. The internationals treat us very well. I am very happy to have some friends from Korea, Germany and Britain.


Majd Abu Hashyeh

12 years.

At the center, we express ourselves and we change our perspective towards life and people abroad. I thought that people abroad donít care about us but I have changed my mind right now, especially when I see the international volunteers coming every summer to be with us. The camp encouraged me to have better interaction with my friends and the rest children of the refugee camp. The center does good work by unifying the children with special needs with us. They feel better by joining in.


Taj Abu Ghosh

13 years.

I like to get trained in the Dabka dance. I have nothing to do at home, so I come over here to the center to enjoy my time. I come to play and learn football and how to paint. It is so nice to see the international volunteers interacting with us and painting our walls with nice pictures.


Ameir Airan

15 years ( children with special needs)

I like playing with my instrument, the piano. I like to come here every day. I like the international volunteers who have become good friends of mine. The camp is more beautiful than home, it makes me feel alive.


Manar Habron

11 years.

We learn a lot from the center and the international voluntary workcamp. I do like Mania, Naomi and Lana because they teach us and play with us. Lana always kisses me.


Amal Alhani

10 years.

I like Jeniver because she is so cute and warm. I would like to ask the organizers of the workcamp to organize it several times a year. I like to be happy and thatís why I like the internationals. I liked the counseling programme where I feel relieved.