Zajel Youth Exchange Program

Public Relations Department

An-Najah National University





The Voluntary Work Placements


Zajel Youth Exchange Program of the Public Relations Department at An-Najah National University in Nablus-Palestine offers international volunteers the chance to participate in long term voluntary work placements with the Public Relations Department of An-Najah National University in Nablus-Palestine.


As a long-term volunteer, you can develop and contribute your skills towards the Zajel program, the general work program consists of the following tasks, you can focus on any of the following training programs that are targeting our university students:


Workshops pass on your knowledge and skills to the local students who are very enthusiastic and eager to learn. you can teach on a wide range of topics that would be of interest to the students such as: public speaking, English conversation, team building, time management, social media, communication skills, music and drama. (see below for details)


Organizing the events of Zajel Program, such as the international summer work camps, study visits, video conferences and others.


Establishing communications in order to build networks and contacts internationally with youth and voluntary organizations from across the globe.

   Office Work- be part of a team and participate in all aspects of the Program's tasks and Facilitate with workshop and general office practices.


We are looking for volunteers that have the following skills

• Good command of English
• Computer skills
• Interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to work in a team
• Self-motivated.



University flats are available free to volunteers. These are modern and comfortable including cooking facilities, washing machine, wifi, and satellite TV. Apartments are located downtown, close to shopping, restaurants, markets, parks, bus stations, and the main taxi stand. The Old City is only a few minutes walk.


Duration of Volunteer work:

The duration of the stay is up to the volunteer and we can accept volunteers for as little as one day with advance notice. He/she can join us any time of the year. Classes at An-Najah National University run year-round. There are always students on campus interested in learning from you.



Volunteers will receive the accommodation free of charge but will be responsible for their own living costs, i.e. food and transportation.


International Volunteers during their term of service will:


• Benefit from working closely with the Palestinian people, staff and students.
• Develop their understanding of the Palestine Question.
• Insight into the everyday life of young Palestinians
• Experience Palestinian warmth and hospitality; make life-long friends
• Appreciate and exchange cultural differences.
• Appreciate the charm of Palestinian family life.
• Be part of an International Volunteer team.
• Freedom and flexibility to use your own skills and initiative to make a difference.
• A priceless experience that you will never forget
• A life time experience that money can’t buy.

If any of the above mentioned tasks interests you, do not hesitate to apply by sending your CV to: and this application form, please include the proposed dates for your visit and what training programs you are interested in participating in.















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