Looking for our Roots: An Exhibition of Paintings

“Looking for our Roots” is the title of an exhibition that was opened on the 21st of February by the University President, Prof. Rami Hamdallah and organized by the Zajel Youth Exchange Program. The artwork was provided by Maram Haniti; a female graduate student from the Fine Arts Faculty at An-Najah National University.

The Exhibition included nearly forty paintings depicting Palestinian rural life, its peasants, heritage, folklore and family. "Recalling the past is one of the elements required to face the future” declared Ms. Haniti in an interview during the exhibition visited by hundreds of students from the University and citizens of Nablus.

Some paintings featured the daily Palestinian suffering at military roadblocks, as well as the anguish of Palestinian children who missed out on their childhood because of conditions imposed by the ongoing siege.

The linkage between past and present was vividly transcribed in Maram`s paintings. Her use of a strong brush recreated the sense of pain and while hope filtered through many of her paintings in large part owing to the use of light and green colors.



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