Exhibition on Korean Folklore 

In order to encourage interaction with people and cultures from outside Palestine, and as part of its mission to offer the possibility and opportunity for An-Najah students to experience different ways of life, Zajel organized a Korean folklore exhibition at the university library. This wonderful exhibition was organized by two Koreans who had come to Nablus for this purpose. One of them, Kim, was first introduced to Nablus and the situation in Palestine through her participation in one of Zajel summer work camps in 2003. The exhibition consisted of posters, pictures and objects brought from Korea to show the richness and beauty of Korean culture, heritage, and traditions. In addition, a number of videos were shown. The exhibition was very successful, attracting many An-Najah students and faculty over a three day period.  

Exhibitions such as this are very important ways for Palestinian students to interact and learn about different cultures, which is especially important as the Israeli siege prohibits students from traveling abroad. Kim and Sinbo, the Korean organizers, said that the exhibition was a way to bring a little bit of Korea to people in Palestine, as well as a way to show support and solidarity for the Palestinian people and their struggle for freedom. Kim also added that such exhibitions are a way to break the siege and to allow different cultures to mix.


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