Publications of Zajel

Reflections of the Summer Camp's Volunteers 2007

Issue 6


Publishing The English Version of the Book;
Narrations of the Palestinian 1948 Catastrophe


Zajel International Work Camp 2006:
“Meet Palestine: In memory of Asem”


Publishing the Book; Eyewitnesses Testimonies of 1948 War


The Palestine Media Unit of the Public Relations Department issued a book based on testimonies of Palestinian refugees who fled from their hometowns and villages in 1948. Their stories give an idea about the social, cultural and political atmosphere in Palestine before, during and after the deportation of around a million Palestinian citizens from their cities, towns and villages. The book contains thirty-six testimonies of elders who are mostly from refugee camps in Nablus district: those who are living in the refugee camps of Balata, Al-Ein and Askar as well as those who are residents of the city of Nablus. more

The Impressions of the International Volunteers 2005

Reflections of the Summer Work Camp's Volunteers 2008


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