Zajel organizes a visit for a British delegation


Zajel organized a visit to An-Najah and Nablus for a British delegation consisting of 12 members of civil society associations in UK.  Group visited the Rafidia hospital in the company of Zajel volunteers, where they met with wounded people, including several international volunteers working with the ISM whom were shot last week in the Balata Refugee Camp.


The delegation visited Greek Catholic Melkite Church in Nablus, where they met with Father Youssef Saadeh. Who made a presentation about the long history of peaceful coexistence and tolerance between the Christians, Muslims, and Samaritans; the main religious groups in Nablus. He also explained the difficulties caused by the forced deportation of the Palestinian refugee who were expelled from their lands in 1948; stressing the important connections the people still have with their homes, and their basic rights as refugees to return.


Another visit was organized to Josef’s Tomb, which is currently being threatened by more intensive Israeli occupation. The visitors were also taken to the former compound of the Nablus city governorate, which was completely destroyed by repeated Israeli attacks. The delegation was taken around the roads that are used by the local citizens to demonstrate the impact of the siege upon Nablus, and made a trip to the industrial zone, which has also suffered greatly as a result of the Israeli invasions.


Following this, the tour passed through Askar refugee camp, where the delegation visited refugees in their units, and listened to stories about the difficult conditions they have lived in over the past half century. This included a more formal presentation about the right to return, focusing upon the major decisions made by the international community regarding the status of Palestinian refugees. Finally, the delegation went to the old city of Nablus, where they once again had the opportunity to meet with residents, many of whom have had their homes destroyed by the Israelis.


 Zajel is committed to organize similar study visits to the international visitors who would like to get first hand information about the daily life in Palestine.