French Students Tour Nablus

Zajel Youth Exchange Programe hosted and organized a study tour for French university students who visited the campus and met the University President. The president made a presentation about the university and its academic developments, the Delegation visited the Students Council of An-Najah and met the representatives of the student's blocks who informed the guests about the troubles the Palestinian students encounter during five years of the imposed Israeli siege and the impact of the occupation on the university students psychological health. They also spoke about the Israeli violations to their right to education and discussed with the French students the future cooperation between the student councils.

The French students met with the volunteers from Zajel Youth Exchange Programe who informed their French friends about their daily life as well as their efforts to empower the exchange between both sides, another presentation was shown by the Assistant Coordinator of the Youth Exchange Programe about the projects Zajel runs in order to cross boundaries between nations by using different means such as the Video Conferences, International Work camps, Study Visits and the Long Term Volunteerism in Zajel Program. Another visit was paid to the Radio Station of An-Najah.

The Delegation visited the old City of Nablus where a tour was organized in order to show the heritage of this very old city as well as its deep rooted history. Another tour was organized to the Refugee Camp of Balata, where the Delegation witnessed the miserable life of the Palestinian refugees. The delegation concluded its visit to Nablus by visiting the French Culture Center where they became aware of its activities and its promising role in the local community.