Zajel Hosts an American Academic Delegation

Zajel Youth Exchange Program recently hosted a study tour for an American academic delegation from New College, California who were visiting the Occupied Palestinian Territories in cooperation with the Alternative Tourism Group in Bethlehem.

The Delegation met with Professor Rami Hamdallah, the University President and the Secretary General of the Palestinian Central Elections Committee, who outlined the latest developments in the preparations for the presidential elections, covering topics such as nomination of the candidates, registration of the electors and presence of international observers.

The Delegation members visited the various faculties of An Najah University in both the old and new campuses. A discussion with Zajel volunteers was held about future cooperation on projects such as the youth exchange program and video conferences on the Middle East Conflict. 

A tour of the cultural and historical sites of the Old City of Nablus was also organized, during which the Delegation saw with their own eyes the ruins of many homes destroyed by the Israelis over the past three years.

During a visit to Askar Development Center, a presentation on refugees’ rights was given by the Director. Following this, the Delegation members visited some of the eyewitnesses of the Palestinian catastrophe, the Nakba, in their homes and listened to testimonies relating to the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who were forced to flee from their homes and villages in 1948.

Professor Jerry Dekker, the Coordinator of the Middle East Center at  New College, California  thanked the volunteers of Zajel Youth Exchange Program for their help and support which had contributed to a fruitful and valuable visit.