10th Sep.2004

Study Visit: British Delegation

Zajel Youth Exchange Program organized a study visit for a British delegation consisting of 35 people representing the different social associations that work for Palestinian people and their right to live in peace and safety in Palestine.

The delegation visited the university campus and was introduced to the academic developments by Prof.Rami Hamdalla the university president who also talked about the importance of communication between the Palestinian and British universities and the exchange between the two cultures.

Meetings were organized between the British and local students, the local students talked about their academic and social life, they have answered the questions of the British visitors who are interested in developing the twining relationships with An-Najah university.

A visit was paid to the new campus of the university that will relief the old campus, the delegation met the instructors and students of the Fine Arts Faculty and visited the gallery of the studentís paintings that contains art paintings which embodies the identity and the suffering of the Palestinian people.

The British delegation participated in the presentation of the launching of the Palestine Media Site of Zajel, www.zajel.org ; the British visitors expressed their admiration of the project that will pass the daily Palestinian message to the western people.

Zajel also organized a visit to the old city that is usually targeted by the Israeli occupation troops; the visiting group met the eyewitnesses of the April invasion 2002, and met some of the casualtiesí families who talked about their killed sons.

This visit is the beginning of the corporation between The International Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinians People and Zajel Youth Exchange Program.