An-Najah National University Organizes a visit of the Peace Cycle Delegation to Nablus 




Zajel Youth Exchange Program of the Public Relations Department, at an-Najah National University, and in cooperation with Siraj Center in Biet Sahour, organized a visit for the European Delegation of Peace Cycle to An-Najah National University and Nablus city.




The delegation was received by Prof. Maher Natsheh, Vice President for Academic Affairs, who welcomed them and thanked its members for their visit and efforts. He also briefed them on the university and its mission. Then, he presented the university plaque to the delegation in appreciation of the effort they made to reach to Nablus city on bicycles and in appreciation for their efforts to promote peace.




The visiting delegation visited the faculty of Fine Arts, which welcomed the visiting guests with some musical interludes presented by the students of Music Department. The delegation was also honored by the Dean of the Faculty Dr. Hasan Ne'irat, who thanked them for visiting the faculty. The tour also included visiting a number of the faculties and facilities of the new campus as well as meetings with students who expressed their interest in such initiatives that enhances cultural exchange. 


16 persons participated in the solidarity delegation accompanied by local participants from the Palestinian Cycling Club of Qalqilia. Sister of Cherry Blair, Wife of Toni Blair Former British Prime Minister, and her daughters were among the participants.  


The delegation visited Nablus and met with the Deputy of Governor Mrs. Anan Atterah, who welcomed the visitors and presented details on the circumstances that the city is going through and thanked the delegations for its efforts in delivering a peace message from the Palestinian people to the world.  




Mr. Faisal Shraim, Director of Palestinian Club for Bicycles in Qalqilia commented on this visit by saying that the Palestinian community want to live in peace, and insured that the organization of such activities will continue to introduce the Palestinian youth to its people.


Zajel Program organized a visit to the old city, and the Samaritan mountain where they were received by Mr. Ya'qoub Samri, Director of the Samaritan Myth Society who presented a detailed explanation for the history of Samaritans, their traditions and habits.


Noor Hanbali, a student at the English Department, said that participation in accompanying this delegation enhanced her sense of belonging to all that is humanitarian and it opens great horizons to be opened to the world, its culture and ways of communication in unconventional ways, and that is a rich experience that we can all learn from to convince the world with the justice of our cause.


Organizing this event comes as part of the cooperation between Zajel and Siraj Center, which aims at enhancing youth dialogue and understanding between Palestinian and international youth, and it is an annual ritual in which participants expresses the unity of goal and belonging for the cause of this country.