A French Delegation Visits the University and Debates with Students


A delegation from France recently visited An-Najah University and met with the Coordinator of the Youth Exchange Program, Ala Yousef. Mr. Yousef briefed them about the Palestinian right to education and how the Israeli occupation violates this right.  He discussed with the French delegation the daily sufferance of Palestinian students, specifically the difficulties they face at the checkpoints. Moreover, he outlined the effects of the Apartheid Wall on the educational process, as everyday it becomes more difficult to move from one place to another for these students. Mr. Yousef also explained that students have been traveling to different cities in Europe in order to show and explain the conditions of their lives and provide a contrasting view to what the Israeli media shows.


Dr. Bilal Shafi`, Head of the French Department at the University, continued the meeting with the French Delegation. Dr. Shafi` explained to the delegation the reality of Palestinian life, specifically how many teachers and students are living miserable lives as a result of Israeli occupation and how this is impacting their academic experiences. The educational process has become extremely more difficult since the siege six years ago, as Dr. Bilal Shafi` explained. 


The delegation members came to Palestine to witness Palestinian daily life and to observe the effects of Israeli occupation on different groups of people such as women, children, and elders including their daily suffering at checkpoints. A debate was organized between the delegation and the French Departmentís students on the different issues related to the conflict, in particular the right to education of the Palestinian people. International visits to An-Najah provide the university with the opportunity to show Palestinian life unfettered from reports by the Israeli media.