Zajel Organized Study Tour to French Delegation


In cooperation with ATG, the Alternative Tourism Group/Bethlehem; Zajel organized study tour to French delegation of solidarity to the Palestinian people in their struggle against siege and occupation.


The French delegation met Mr.Sami Al-Kilani, the Director of the Public Relations Department of An-Najah National University who presented in brief the crises which encounters the Palestinian people and the Palestinian universities as well as the right to education in Palestine, mentioning the importance of the charitable NGOs which provide the local community with humanitarian aid in help and support of the different international aid agencies, he also talked about the university scientific centers of the University.


Zajel organized tour in the old city of Nablus and the new campus of the university where the delegation's members met the local students and discussed with them the current situation and the impact of the siege on their daily life.


The French visitors visited the old city of Nablus which was devastated by the series of the Israeli invasions, and met may people of the old city and could see the reconstruction projects. Another visit was organized to the refugee camp of Askar in Nablus.