Joint Canadian-American Delegation Hosted by Zajel.


In cooperation with the Holy Land trust Association; Zajel Youth Exchange Program hosts a joint Canadian-American academic delegation which included students and professors from different universities, the delegation visited the Palestinian Territories to study the current political and economical situation and in order to monitor the Israeli aggressions and violations of the Palestinian citizens’ rights.


The delegation was introduced to Zajel Program and the Palestine Media Unit of Zajel and the constant of efforts on the field of media and international relations and improving the Palestinian image in the western media.


A tour to the old city was later organized in the company of Zajel volunteers, the delegation visited different sites of the city especially those parts affected by the continuous Israeli invasions in addition to visiting some old architectural sites.


The twelve member delegation then visited Yafa Cultural Center in Balata Refugee Camp; they met its Administration members who gave information about the camp, its population, the historical background of the camp and its establishment after 1948, and the deportation from their original villages and towns, and the current political and economical situation.


This visit and similar ones are organized as part of the efforts made by the local NGO’s and Zajel to bring westerns and people from around the world to get to know the reality of the Palestinian situation and spread it around the world to influence popular public opinion.