Zajel hosts a Catalan Delegation, touring the City and its Camps


7th, Augut 2005


A delegation from different Catalonian NGOs was hosted by the Zajel Program. The delegation consisted of members from Spanish organizations that work in the observation of human rights in Palestine and lobby for the solidarity of the Palestinian people there. The visit began with a presentation on the projects of both the Zajel Program and the Media Unit, launched one year ago, and its Spanish site, which was launched three months ago. Another slide show presentation was given in order to brief them about the modern and temporary history of Palestine. A discussion followed the presentation, where the questions of the Spanish guests were answered. A documentary entitled; “People of the World” was screened in Spanish, it showed the impact of the current situation on the Palestinians over the past five years.


A tour was prepared for the delegation in the university campus, where guests saw the developments and achievements of the university in terms of programs and infrastructure. Then the delegation, consisting of seventeen members, visited the old city of Nablus, where they saw the Nabulsi heritage and Ottoman buildings, in particular the renovation project that the university conducts in the old city in co-operation with UNESCO.


The guests then visited the Refugee camp of Askar where they were hosted by the Askar Development Centre. The visitors were given a presentation on the situation of the deprived children of the refugee camp and the projects the centre runs for them. A documentary was screened and a Palestinian folkloric dance was presented too. This visit was organized in co-operation with the Alternative Tourism Group, ATG, in Bethlehem in order to empower the alternative tourism in Palestine.