Zajel Organizes a Study Visit for a Delegation from Catalonia

On August 11th 2010, the International Youth Exchange Program (Zajel) of the Public Relations Department at the University organized a study visit for a delegation from Catalonia in Spain. The delegation consisted of 20 persons who were taken on a number of tours at both the Old and the New Campuses where they were introduced to the University’s history, development stages, recent achievements and the various faculties it contains.




Meetings were organized between the delegation and students and volunteers from the University where they exchanged ideas and discussed several issues related to the difficult situations that Palestinians are experiencing and the impact of the Israeli occupation on the educational process in Palestine. The delegation was also made familiar with the tradition, culture and heritage of the Palestinian people through visiting a number of historically and culturally significant sites in Nablus such as the Old City where they saw the historical and architectural monuments that date back to the Roman age.

The delegation also made a visit to the Samaritan sect in the city where they were introduced to the Samaritan way of life, traditions, rituals and heritage. A final destination was the city of Jenin where the delegation met with its governor, Mr. Qaddurah Musa, who familiarized the guests with the social and economical conditions that people face there and the new economical plan that the Governorate of Jenin has proposed to improve the city’s economy.